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Get the opportunity to concentrate on the main business tasks by shifting the work from the hardware to the cloud provider to increase the reliability of the platform, get the ability for quick automatic scale, reach about zero downtime, increase responsiveness and reduce infrastructure costs.

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Cloud solutions help to optimize your business through their availability with minimal latency anywhere in the world, high-speed scalability, how they help reduce costs. Implementing cloud solutions, reduce IT infrastructure support costs, giving you the ability to focus on core business tasks instead of infrastructure support. Computools is your guide in choosing the proper solution for overcoming possible complexities. Using AWS or GCP Cloud Provider Services, Computools develops custom cloud transformation strategies to meet your business goals. Take a look at Computools’s expertise with Cloud Solutions in the following industries:

Cloud Solutions for Consumer Services

Cloud Solutions for Retail

Cloud Solutions for Finance

Cloud Solutions for Healthcare

Business Advantages

If you expect a high growth in customers, and therefore increase the load on your server(s), creating a cloud-based infrastructure is the most efficient solution. For smart cost-saving, Computools uses cloud providers, which allow you to adapt your infrastructure to potential growth much faster than on local hardware. Applying cloud solutions, you remove all the expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining hardware, reduce the cost of IT infrastructure support and boost business growth. Computools's specialists assist in selecting and configuring the best cloud services for your specific needs and expectations.

Using AWS or GCP Cloud Provider Services benefits you with:

Near-zero Downtime

Near-zero Downtime is when a server is always up and running and redeployment occurs unnoticed by users, making cloud solutions available anywhere in the world at any time.

Area of Responsibility

The need to spend resources on maintaining the cloud's infrastructure is shifted to the cloud provider. Thus, concerns about the physical state of the cloud server is the responsibility of Amazon or Google.

Cost Reduction

Using cloud servers is less costly since there is no need to purchase hardware and maintain your own server support team, while also avoiding depreciation costs.

Horizontal Scalability

A system connected to a cloud server can be deployed much faster than when connected to physical servers.

Cloud Providers API

Implementing standard API solutions offered by cloud providers also significantly contributes to horizontal scaling. Database issues, load balancing and scaling front-end containers are taken care of by cloud providers.

Improving the Responsiveness

The use of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) from Google, Amazon, MS Azure or other CDNs are much more reliable and improve the responsiveness of an application/web page much more than having native hardware.

Technologies & Frameworks

Computools’s developers create technically comprehensive development with high-end customization to meet your business needs

Main Providers

Computools's experts integrate design, APIs and sophisticated code to create effective web and mobile apps. We’re continuously mastering the latest technology in web & mobile development.


Cloud computing is an essential technology worth adopting and cloud initiatives play a very important role in how a business operates day-to-day. Work with Computools to build you and your customers an environment designed for connectivity and flexibility. Apply advanced cloud-based solutions for making working processes easier.

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