The checking and implementation of hypotheses in your PDCA cycle.

Computools approach

Computools' solutions will help your company’s processes and organizational network to become more efficient, functional and responsive.

  1. Starting from the first stages of the project, each team member works on the product’s improvement.
  2. Ideas are filtered and processed on the basis of business analysis and technical management, after that they are offered to the client.
  3. Continuous improvement of processes on a project helps to increase development speed, improve quality and minimize costs.
  1. The Business Analysts' team research new trends and technical solutions in the domain for suggestions on improvements to the product in accordance with the market changes.
  2. Improving product components by technical experts.
  3. Continuous monitoring of the system's state. It helps prevent crisis situations and collect data for analysis.
  1. Data collection for analytics:
    • the receiving of bug reports from real users
    • the usage of vendors' analytical systems, like google analytics
    • the usage of internal Сomputools solutions for data collection in the industry
    • the receiving of logs
    • the receiving of dynamic data from databases
    • the receiving of users feedback
    • the usage of domain-specific methods
  1. Primary processing and data visualization:
    • development of tools for data analysis within the admin panel
    • logs analysis
    • user’s feedback analysis
    • sage of domain-specific methods
  1. Creation of hypotheses based on Big Data:
    • building of classical mathematical models
    • building of heuristic models
    • analysis of data using AI
    • reviews analysis
    • working with reviews
    • making hypotheses
    • development of requirements for the hypotheses implementation
    • prototypes development
    • usage of domain-specific methods
  1. Hypothesis testing:
    • organizing, conducting and studying the results of A/B testing
    • beta testing
    • working with user’s feedback:
      1. analysis
      2. verification
      3. implementation
  1. Full implementation of successful hypotheses.

Why Computools?


Access to expertise and Computools own key niche solutions provides saving time.


Computools LLC innovation management performance was valued by world experts in IMP³rove Academy.

ISO 9001:2015

Computools processes is certified according to international standards and has been refined by years of experience.

A Wide Range of Technology Stack

Computools’ multi technology experience allows select optimal technology for product development.


Computools values openness and transparency in all business processes thus you will always know what stage the development is.


Computools builds long-term relationships. This value forms the foundation of the company.


Main priority of the project team is your business goals, unique differentiators and challenges.


Low staff turnover by to geography and leadership in the region.

Partnering with countries

Computools' international associations' membership allows to better understand the needs and particular features of customers around the world.

IT clusters – collaboration

Computools supports collaboration with IT Professional Associations for experience and knowledge exchange, innovative solutions' development.

Award wins

The high level of Computools’ IT-expertise awarded and appreciated by awards and recognitions.

Continuing Skills Enhancement

Regular internal seminars, training, and workshops contribute to the continuous improvement of the company's engineers skills.

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