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Efficiently solve business problems, find new opportunities, and improve your services or products through information technologies and digital transformation

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55% of executives said they are unable to digitalize their services effectively. The lack of expertise in the IT domain is the biggest constraint that hinders innovation and leads to higher costs.

Digital transformation for CEOs

Advances in technologies force CEOs to merge their business with numerous trending technologies and take a new look at their current systems and processes to improve performance.

However, getting actual value from technology could be challenging. Lack of expertise in technologies, poor IT department, and lack of talents take a heavy toll on your digital transformation.

Computools services help CEOs to quickly respond to market volatility, facilitate strategic expansion, identify trends, accurately forecast results, expand resources, drive revenue and strategic growth.


Lack of talents and expertise in the tech domain, and inability to keep up with technological advancements are the leading challenges CEOs face when it comes to the implementation of new technologies or upgrading current solutions.

Computools helps CEOs of non-tech companies to better understand the market landscape of the IT industry, expansion opportunities, company development, etc.

We help CEOs to assess all the risks of digitalization for the company, their monitoring, and minimization, as well as offer step-by-step guidance on how exactly to carry out digital transformation based on set goals and budgets.


How Computools helps



Computools help CEOs to make strategic decisions when it comes to platform and product development. Our team of BA and developers will set a clear roadmap for efficient investment in necessary technologies, and budget allocation, and run you through all the steps required for the adoption or development of new technologies or services.

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Dedicated Delivery Teams

If your IT department lacks expertise in certain technologies or industries, Computools can expand your team with experienced specialists. As part of this service, we will analyze your foremost goals, budget, and weaknesses in current processes, and based on that, offer solutions to meet these requirements.

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Computools offers a wide range of product engineering services whether it is mobile, web, or software development. Whether it is CRM, ERP, or other departmental applications for automation or data analysis, Computools will help you to get the most out of it.
Computools develops applications that bring value and become a key enabler for growth and development by analyzing your strategic business goals.

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Computools’s CTO can support managing directors in making technical decisions and help them create a complete strategy for digital transformation. That can include roadmapping and architecture development, auditing, setting up development processes and teams, and validation of current resources.

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Computools will analyze the state of your current IT department of product and align it with your business goals by optimizing architecture, UI/UX, adding new features, reducing equipment costs, and implementing other crucial improvements without the need for costly solutions.

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