Strategic IT Management and Optimization

IT strategy management helps to reduce costs, increase efficiency and boost growth.

Information technologies continue to develop at a tremendous speed, they penetrate every home and gadget. For the end user, this means easier daily tasks, even more, interesting interaction with technics. But for service and industrial companies, such a rapid development of technology can become a challenge, because to meet the requirements of the market it is necessary to be on the same wavelength. Today it is not enough to create an IT strategy, it is much more important to manage it correctly and make adjustments in time. Computools delivers a strategic approach to gaining real competitive advantage in any business while creating and managing a plan that outlines how technology should be used to meet IT and business goals.

Be Prepared to Market Changes

It is a well-known fact that effective optimization of IT is critical for small, medium and big enterprises. On-time optimization helps to keep pace with growing business demands, enables innovation and growth. One of the most reliable and effective ways to optimize business is to apply strategic IT management. It can be done by an in-house IT department or you can hire an outsource team. Such management usually includes the right people, technology, and process to manage business alignment. Simplifying the existing IT structure and increasing the use of cloud services are often key steps in strategic IT management. It all allows to set business up for future success.

There is no one and only perfect formula of strategic IT management that will solve all problems and prepare the company to any market changes. However, there is a well-tried approach that consists of four key stages. It is flexible enough to fit any industry, company’s size and goals.  

  • Discovering

At the early management stage, the main task is to conduct an in-depth analysis of the goals and the existing IT infrastructure. This allows identifying the main problems and challenges to which a solution has to be found. Also, at this stage, the main directions of investment are determined and a draft of the future IT strategy is drawn up. It is important to discover what will have the greatest impact on achieving rapid results, find customized right-sized solutions which will fit determined needs. Depending on the complexity of the task, Computools can suggest complementing the client’s IT department with necessary employees or offer an outsourcing team of specialists for further cooperation.

  • Developing

Developing an IT strategy is a key step in the entire optimization process. However, practice shows that solving the problems identified at the first stage is not enough to guarantee the company rapid growth and the achievement of its goals. The implementation or improvement of existing technologies is also not the main challenge of this stage. To enable business growth and to reveal the capabilities and potential of the company, a well-thought-out integrated plan is needed, which will include both the latest technologies and individual solutions designed specifically for the company, considering its features (niche, product or service offered, region, etc.).

  • Launching

Typically, the launch of an IT strategy occurs gradually. This is necessary in order to provide an opportunity to adapt to the new realities of both the company’s employees and end-users. At this stage, the implementation of basic management systems is underway, communications, tools and audit protocols are established. In the future, this will allow to monitor the system, to compare existing indicators with the plan for short periods of time and with the strategy as a whole. The application of some elements is not possible in parts, so staff training can be conducted in advance. Tutorials for users can be prepared in advance as well.

  • Maintaining

Innovation does not stand still. Every day, the media report on new inventions that can be applied in business. Therefore, the development and implementation of a progressive IT strategy is just the beginning. The main work is to maintain and manage the system, further its harmonious development and timely adjustment of the strategy. It’s important to continuously discover, define, and leverage new sources of growth. For example, Computools, in addition to managing and measuring IT effectiveness and efficiencies, provides strategic guidance on the latest technology and methodologies that could be leveraged to accelerate innovate and drive future success.

The IT strategy points the way for long-term IT development. That is why it should be moderately flexible, efficient and reliable. Making changes to any plan can destroy it, or vice versa enhance it. It is important from the outset to take into account the many options, to predict the development of technology and leave room to maneuver. The engineers at Computools do a great job of this task.

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Strategic IT Management Benefits

IT strategy is of great importance and value for any company, startup or a large enterprise. It does not only determine the future development of the company but also allows to focus on the core business of the company, speed up or even automate some processes, reduce costs, etc. Here are some of the main benefits that the company receives by building an IT strategy and managing it correctly.

  • Increasing profitability

Strategic IT Management means you can be more effective in delivering products and deploying services both locally and globally. By saving money on other costs, you can invest more in the development of your features, improve the quality of service, expand your customer base. All of this will lead to an increase in the company’s profitability in a short time.

  • Discovering new regions

Expand your business to new regions and discover new opportunities in remote markets. Finding new opportunities will be much easier if you implement the appropriate tools. The latest technologies, such as AI, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning, greatly accelerate the process of analyzing the target audience and market needs. Thus, you will be the first to offer a product or service that is in demand in the market.

  • Simplifying internal operations

Internal processes can be improved through the use of ready-made and customized solutions. Automating the processing of orders in online store, improving logistics, chatbots based on AI, freeing up manager’s time for more creative work – this is just a short liver of what can be better. And of course, it can be a part of IT strategy.

  • Increasing efficiency and competitiveness

Strategic IT management allows being one step ahead of your competitors since the implementation of new technologies and the improvement of old ones are aimed primarily at improving the efficiency of the certain departments or the company as a whole. Harmonious management and timely updates will ensure the continued growth of the company.

The following three benefits are best disclosed if you choose the outsource team for building a strategy and its maintenance. Using an internal IT department for the same purpose reduces your advantages.

  • Staying focused on the core business

By outsourcing, employees in tour in-house IT department can stay focused on their core mission and avoid distractions from complex IT decisions.

  • Reducing labour costs

Outsourcing allows you to focus your human resources on where they are needed the most. You will not need to assign additional tasks to other departments (for example, market research, analysis of the target audience, etc.).

  • Controlling IT Costs

Allocating funds for developments and innovations is always a hot issue for companies. Outsourcing converts variable costs into fixed IT costs and allows you to budget effectively.

Optimization of business can take various forms, however, experts note that strategic IT management is one of the most effective today. When using such management from the very beginning, the strategy takes into account market flexibility and possible changes, which makes it easy to manage and adjust the plan depending on the changed conditions. In most cases, the involvement of third-party experts to create an individual strategy is most rational. It also provides wide opportunities for the company in the future. Thus, having entrusted the management to the outsourced team, one can be sure that all new technologies and methodologies will be implemented in time or even earlier.

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