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The properly developed strategy of growth and development of the company leads it to success, it allows to hold occupied positions and move on further, turning obstacles into steps on the stairs to the top. Timely optimization of IT tools and the internal organization of the company should be a mandatory element of such a strategy.

Defining Goals of IT Optimization

The main goal of optimization is to increase the effectiveness of existing tools or implement new ones. IT optimization allows achieving this goal in the shortest time. It is a practice that goes well beyond programming techniques, software domains, and hardware knowledge. It’s a strategic element for modern organizations, increasingly dependent on the use of information technology in their operations, in search of results, etc. IT process optimization has immense support in technologies such as cloud computing, collaborative software, and, in some more specific areas, Big Data and Machine Learning.

IT process optimization usually consists of three stages. The first one starts with assessing available technology resources and determining the organization’s current shortcomings in relation to the resources that constrain it from achieving its goals. On the second stage, the organization implement changes and optimizations in the IT department and manage improvements in an integrated way. The third step includes monitoring results and assessing the need for new IT process optimizations.

Save Costs with Cloud Computing Optimization

In general terms, cloud computing is the practice of using remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or personal computer. Whether business leaders are aware of it or not, nearly every business is already using some form of cloud-based service, be it email, data storage, data exchange, or collaborative technology. The problem is that in most organizations, cloud adoption occurred organically as a measure driven by IT or individual business units, without the use of an organizational strategy aligned to business goals.

Simply migrating applications and data to the cloud will not necessarily result in cost savings. Optimizing costs on the cloud – and keeping your cloud computing costs predictable – depends on your ability to make smart decisions about exactly how and where you host workloads. The Computools experts start optimization with in-depth analysis of the cloud the company use in order to offer a better and more efficient solution.

The most basic step for cloud computing cost optimization is to make sure that you are using virtual server instances tailored to your needs. Each of the major public clouds offers virtual server instances in a variety of categories and flavors. The amount of computing power and memory provided by each instance varies widely, as does its price.

Virtual servers and data storage are the most common types of cloud services. But modern public clouds offer a litany of other services, ranging from AWS’s Fargate solution for launching applications inside containers, to Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Workbench, to Google Cloud’s Cloud Functions serverless computing platform, to name just a few examples.

Depending on how exactly your application runs, you may be able to achieve the performance you require at a lower cost by deploying the application using a service other than your cloud’s standard virtual server instances. For example, if you have an application that needs to consume a large amount of computing resources on an unpredictable and inconsistent basis, a serverless computing platform may be a more cost-effective way to deploy it. Serverless can help save money because you typically pay only for the compute time that your application actually uses.

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Unlock Better User Experience with Cloud Computing

Fast page loads at the user’s point of engagement are critical, whether in a traditional computing environment or on a mobile device. But with increasingly dynamic content that’s fueled by a variety of data and content sources, achieving the speeds demanded by users is a growing challenge.

User tolerance for slow or incomplete page loads continues to wane. From four seconds, down to 2 seconds, down to a single second, shoppers are losing patience with poor site performance. Other types of site users can’t be far behind. This is especially true under load, whether from user traffic or data-intensive transactions. Cloud computing becomes a very attractive alternative in these conditions.

It offers near-infinite scalability as compared to traditional server architecture. This scalability enables cloud-based site infrastructure to handle virtually any traffic demands, and bandwidth is available on demand to deliver data-intensive dynamic experiences. These include highly customized, personalized pages; rich media including near HD-quality TV; and bandwidth-intensive applications like video-conferencing and web presentations. This is especially crucial for retail, e-commerce, real estate and service companies, whose goal is to provide the best user experience for their customers.

While these large, central data centers are effective for providing scalability and capacity, performance suffers as the distance between the data center and the end user increases. That’s why optimizing the cloud for maximum performance involves a more distributed cloud, with capacity located in many locations, closer to end users. This reduces the number of network ‘hops’ that every request, every piece of data, every bit of content must make to reach the end user. The shorter the distance, the fewer network hops, the greater the speed, and the better the user experience.

Make Your Business Innovative, Flexible and Robust with Cloud Computing

Companies that are leveraging SaaS-based applications to mobilize their workforces are seeing significant increases in overall business productivity, with 31 percent reporting that the cloud has had a transformative impact on business performance. As workers become increasingly mobile, remote access to business technology has become a critical factor to remaining competitive. Making applications and data readily available to key players in the business eliminates days of holding up decision-making processes that could take only a few hours.

Сloud computing is infinitely scalable, allowing to expand your operations from a handful of servers to thousands, with no major overheads to your business or your IT department. This means that your technological investments can grow organically alongside your business and you pay only for what you use. For example, hybrid systems increase the speed of data delivery to your business by allowing to position high-demand resources strategically within your broader network and thereby improving load times and data transfer speeds for mission-critical applications.

And one more important thing: cloud services are obsessed with security. When it comes to cloud, unless you have a world-class IT security team in place, it’s fair to say your data is likely more vulnerable on your in-house servers than it would be in the cloud. Cloud providers invest a significant amount of time, money, and resources in the security of their systems and are typically vigilant about applying system updates and security patches to mitigate risks.

Today everyone is aware of the advantages of Cloud Computing and the benefits that can be gained by implementing this technology. However, few people think about how to build an innovation strategy based on this technology, optimize their business and enhance the offered services. Meanwhile, a professional analysis conducted by experts allows to identify and fix bottlenecked and inefficient areas before they become lost-opportunity costs. As a result, you implement the best possible solution based on the requirements and demands of your company model, and your users get faster apps, quicker page load times, and uninterrupted video streams.

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