The Danger of Employee Multifunctionality. Which Approaches Work?

What processes and methods within the company influence the increase in labour efficiency? Find out more in the article by Sergii Tymchuk, CEO of Computools.

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Why Hiring Versatile Employees Can Negatively Impact Efficiency and Productivity

In a rapidly changing marketplace and under intense competitive pressure, companies strive to find versatile employees who can perform a wide range of tasks. However, this approach can negatively affect work efficiency and lead to serious employee problems related to task overload. 

Companies seeking to hire multitaskers face difficulties in finding and training candidates. In addition, such employees often suffer from a workload with varying functionality, leading to their overwhelming and rapid burnout. It results in dismissal and, accordingly, to additional costs for finding and training new staff.

As the CEO of an IT company, I see that one of the main problems associated with employee multitasking is a decrease in productivity and quality of work. Constantly switching between different tasks leads to exhaustion and reduced concentration, mistakes and reduced work efficiency.

In addition, multitasking risks an employee not being engaged in the tasks that are most important for the company. Instead of focusing on the tasks that can bring the most value to the company, they may be busy performing necessary but less important functions.

To cope with this problem, we in our company try to use management strategies and technologies that can reduce the number of tasks performed by each employee and provide them with clear priorities and tasks that are most important for the company. We also provide our employees with the necessary resources and tools to focus on the tasks of the most significant value to the company.

The Segregation of Duties Policy

I believe that the segregation of duties approach is one of the key factors in the efficient operation of our company. In practice, we divide tasks into different levels to ensure maximum productivity for each employee.

At the top level, we define strategic objectives to help us achieve our goals and steer our company in the right direction. At this level, the company’s top management usually sets the objectives.

At the next level, we define tactical objectives that help us achieve our strategic goals. Here, we delegate tasks to our managers and project leaders.

At the lowest level, we define the actions that need to be taken to fulfil our tactical objectives. At this level, assignments are delegated to specific employees who can effectively perform them with their skills and experience.

When assigning tasks, we also consider each employee’s strengths and identify jobs best suited to their skills and expertise. Doing this helps us use our company’s resources efficiently and achieve better results.

Overall, the segregation of duties is an essential element of an effective IT company. Therefore, we constantly improve our approach to segregation duties to maximise efficiency and success.

What We Do to Improve Employee Performance at Computools

As the CEO of Computools, I believe that task splitting in IT companies includes using a competence-centre system. This system allows us to allocate expert teams with experience and deep knowledge in specific areas.

Computools involves top experts in our projects to ensure that domain objectives are performed at the highest level, delivering solutions that meet clients’ unique needs. The professionals on the team provide valuable insights and deep expertise to identify the best solutions for our clients.

By dividing tasks among expert teams, we can reduce the time and cost of finding or coaching specialists. We also conduct training seminars to supplement our employees’ job knowledge, increasing their competence and efficiency.

By dividing tasks among expert teams, we provide high-quality services for industries such as finance, healthcare, hospitality, education, logistics, e-commerce and social networks. As a result, we also use time and resources more efficiently to achieve our goals and meet the needs of our clients.

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The Timeline Technique

The timeline technique divides tasks into smaller ones, determines the time required to complete them, and assigns tasks to different team members according to their skills and resources.

The steps of the timeline technique look like this:

1. Defining goals

We define the ultimate goals to be achieved. These can be achievements in the product area, customer interaction, increased profits, etc.

2. Defining tasks

We break the project into smaller tasks. This can be done by using a decomposition technique. Each task should be small enough to be completed in a few hours or days.

3. Time estimation

We estimate the time required to complete each task. This can be done with the help of experience from past projects or by using an expert estimation methodology.

4. Distribution of tasks

We assign tasks to team members. Therefore, the distribution should be based on the knowledge and skills of each team member as well as their current workload.

5. Monitoring progress

We monitor the progress of each task. We can do so using a project management system or other time-tracking tools.

6. Analysis

After completing a project or its stages, we analyse the work done. This helps to identify errors and bottlenecks in the process so that we can improve them in the future.

The timeline technique helps improve work organisation at Computools, ensures more accurate planning and execution of tasks and reduces the time spent on achieving the ultimate goals.

Individual development plans (IDPs) are indispensable tools for professional and personal growth in the company. IDPs are designed to help employees achieve personal and professional goals and assist them in growing within the company in line with the company's development goals.

Increasing the Effectiveness of Each and Every Computools Employee

Computools strives to continuously improve its processes and enhance the professional competence of its employees. To do this, we use many methods that help create clear benchmarks and growth points for each employee.

The first step is to set clear KPIs and understand each employee’s responsibility. Only then will each person understand their role in the company and be able to work for the result.

In addition, it is important to conduct special surveys that help to understand various aspects of the employee’s condition, including his or her psychological, emotional and professional state. The data obtained is used for further processing and implementation in the company’s management processes.

Individual development plans (IDPs) are indispensable tools for professional and personal growth in the company. IDPs are designed to help employees achieve personal and professional goals and assist them in growing within the company in line with the company’s development goals.

All of these methods together ensure the continuous growth of employees’ professional competence and efficiency.

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