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Application Development

Progressive Web Apps: Everything You Need to Know for Your Business

Learn how progressive web applications can impact your business.

Business Analytics

How Online IT Solutions Can Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Coronavirus has shaken up the global economy: factories on hold, workers on sick leave, and manufacturers going broke. Is there any way to stop a recession and boost business growth?

Building R&D Centers

Why Building R&D Centers in Ukraine Makes Sense for Foreign Businesses in 2020

Learn how businesses can benefit from opening R&D centers in Ukraine.


Brains Projects: Evolution of Service Companies Workflow

Find out how innovation and the pursuit of extraordinary solutions impact the service company's workflow.

Application Development

Top 10 Ways a Restaurant App Can Help Owners and Visitors

Boost your restaurant business growth and increase revenue by implementing a restaurant app.

Internet of Things

What Software Development Practices Make the IoT a Reality?

Discover four IoT practices that enable evolving companies to improve their IoT infrastructure and drive positive changes to their business model.


How IT Consulting Helps to Build a Product Strategy for the Best Software Solutions

Adopting technology is complicated, but it can be easy if you entrust your business to seasoned IT professionals.

Digital Transformation

Top Global Enterprises that Fuel Industry 4.0 Worldwide

Industry 4.0 proves technology is a new power, and here are the most powerful companies that drive this digital revolution around the globe.

Consumer Services

6 User-Friendly Ways of Using Big Data Analytics to Enhance Consumer Service

To get the sense of consumer behavior, smart companies use big data and social media analytics that help businesses to learn customers better.

Consumer Services

Online Reputation: 5 Worst Ways to Respond to Consumer Reviews

Not every other customer visits your website to praise your services, one day negative feedback pops up on your main page, and what will you do about it?

Consumer Services

Getting Consumer Feedback for Your Mobile App: Step-by-Step Strategy

Learn about different mechanisms to collect user feedback and develop the right image of your app performance.


The Power of Cloud Analytics in a Clinical Setting: 7 Things to Consider

Cloud analytics technology is the newest trend in clinical facilities, and it drives amazing changes in data management.