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How is Brexit Affecting Businesses?

Experts predict: Brexit will disrupt the global economic system in one or another way.


HealthTech Startups Issues in 2019

Learn how HealthTech startups can solve healthcare challenges and get the B-series funding.

Business Analytics

A Key Role of Business…

Learn about the role and responsibility of business analyst in business development.

Product development

4 Challenges in The Second…

Experts share their ideas on how to overcome challenges in the 2nd year of a…


Card Fraud: Biometrics Will Save…

Biometrics now can be used for preventing different types of card fraud.


PayTech for Efficient School Administration

Education leaders are advising decision-makers on improving school outcomes and rethinking school system at every…

Web development

Web Development Trends for 2019

The latest web development trends and predictions based on our experience.


Reliable IT Solutions in Healthcare…

The latest IT technologies offer innovative solutions to many healthcare problems.


Why Insurers Hesitate Adopting InsurTech…

InsurTech offers many useful innovations to the insurance industry. However, there are barriers prevent the…


$2.4 Billion Big Data Investments…

Big Data investments in the InsurTech will reach $2.4 Billion. What benefits can the technology…


Robo-Advisors Around The Globe

Robo-Advisors is one of the most profitable business trends in WealthTech.


Challenges Facing Healthcare Industry

Learn how the latest IT technologies meet challenges facing the healthcare industry.

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