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Consulting & Design

Project Estimation Techniques

Learn what kind of technique Computools PM applies for project estimation.

Consulting & Design

Why IT Consulting Dedicated Team…

Five main reasons for hiring a dedicated team instead of using internal staff.

Support & Optimize

Top 7 It Consulting Benefits…

Learn how IT consulting can change your business and helps to beat your competitors.

Support & Optimize

Overcoming Website Optimization Issues

True optimization improves a website's ability to fit business goals.

Support & Optimize

Strategic IT Management and Optimization

IT strategy management helps to reduce costs, increase efficiency and boost growth.

Support & Optimize

5 Tips for Big Data…

Learn how to apply Big Data and Machine Learning to optimize your business processes.

Support & Optimize

Cloud Computing Business Optimization

Practical advice on how to optimize your business using Cloud Computing


MadTech: Challenges for Startup in…

Challenges for MadTech startups that have to be solved to get the next level of…

Business news

How is Brexit Affecting Businesses?

Experts predict: Brexit will disrupt the global economic system in one or another way.


HealthTech Startups Issues in 2019

Learn how HealthTech startups can solve healthcare challenges and get the B-series funding.

Business Analytics

A Key Role of Business…

Learn about the role and responsibility of business analyst in business development.

Product development

4 Challenges in The Second…

Experts share their ideas on how to overcome challenges in the 2nd year of a…

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